A Command or a Proclamation?

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Memorial Day

It’s been said before. Most of us think of Memorial Day as “the unofficial start of summer,” with the first trip of the season to the beach, a backyard barbecue, or a good reason to sleep in on a Monday morning. The memorials, especially when I was younger, seemed all about the distant past. The evening news would show the President laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Solder, and go on with other events of the day. This Memorial Day is a little different.

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Java Joe’s: A San Diego Music Icon

Back before I had notion of what a Starbucks was, let alone Pete’s Coffee or The Coffee Bean, I had a favorite place just down the road in the Target Shopping Center in Poway, California called Java Joe’s. Tuesdays were open mic night and  I would spend my afternoon memorizing songs I could sing play on guitar and then head down to Java Joe’s for my 15 minutes on stage. Java Joe’s has seen the launch of music careers for artists such as Jewel and Jason Mraz.  I once had to follow Jewel on an open mic night… not really what I wanted to do. At the time I had a recording studio and I think I actually gave her a card but never did get to record her.  It seems like only a few months later I was hearing her on the radio. Not long after my encounter with Jewel, Java Joe’s moved down to Ocean Beach and has been in several locations since. Now,  26 years later at his new place in Old Town, San Diego, Java Joe’s is still a favorite place for live music, good coffee, and good friends.

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Classics on the Street: Cruisin’ Grand in Escondido

There are many different types of art in the world: paintings or photos to hang on walls, sculpture, or a beautifully designed building, to name a few.  But each Friday from April through September, Grand Avenue in Downtown Escondido, California pays tribute to the art of design on wheels.

(Nikon D750 50mm 1/60 f/8 ISO100 LR)

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The Muse on the Street: Beginning

As I begin this journey, I find myself wondering how I could ever have reached a point where I would voluntarily spend time writing something like a blog post on any kind of regular basis. In high school the worst assignments were writing assignments. Sometime later, perhaps not until taking online courses to complete my teaching credential, it finally clicked that writing could be a vital part of the learning process. Setting one’s thoughts down in words cements them in a way, not unlike the way a still image distills all the emotions of an event or a place into a fixed frame that preserves and expands one instant in time.


Here on day one what this photography blog is missing is a whole lot of images! Those will have to wait until the weekend, (or at least a day or two). Thank you for reading. Please continue this conversation with your comments below.