The Muse on the Street: Beginning

As I begin this journey, I find myself wondering how I could ever have reached a point where I would voluntarily spend time writing something like a blog post on any kind of regular basis. In high school the worst assignments were writing assignments. Sometime later, perhaps not until taking online courses to complete my teaching credential, it finally clicked that writing could be a vital part of the learning process. Setting one’s thoughts down in words cements them in a way, not unlike the way a still image distills all the emotions of an event or a place into a fixed frame that preserves and expands one instant in time.


Here on day one what this photography blog is missing is a whole lot of images! Those will have to wait until the weekend, (or at least a day or two). Thank you for reading. Please continue this conversation with your comments below.


3 Replies to “The Muse on the Street: Beginning”

  1. Stuart, I look forward to seeing the photos you post here! You have an eye that recognizes powerful images. The photos you took at the Vietnam memorial have the same impact on me as Dorothea Lange’s photo of life during the Dust Bowl.

  2. Stuart is an enthusiastic photographer with an artist’s eye for the world around him. I have enjoyed his work over many generas and am looking forward to future posts of his adventurers through the lens. He is an engaging storyteller, both with images and words. I am looking forward to the journey as he grows his blogging platform!

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