A Command or a Proclamation?

One of the things that attracts me to photography, and something I expect will creep into many of my posts here at street muse, is the way it changes how I look at things. Looking for interesting compositions as I walk through my day causes me to see hidden scenes of beauty or interest that brings a smile to my face, and I hope, yours.

So this evening as I sat in the orchestra pit of the Lyceum Theater in downtown San Diego at our first tech rehearsal for Star Repertory Theater’s production of Beauty and the Beast I noticed this scene.

(Sony RX100M4 ISO800 1/60 f/2.8 26mm equiv. Tiff Preview Processed in LR Mobile)

Looking at the plaque on the wall, I can’t help but wonder: Is the proudly spray-painted “clean!” a command or a proclamation?


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3 Replies to “A Command or a Proclamation?”

  1. That’s a great question and, like most, I’m not sure anyone other than the painter can correctly answer.
    I also like finding beauty in things that were unintended.

  2. Well . . . . the items are stacked. So, I think it is a proclamation. If it was a command, the graffiti artist needs to add some angry eyes – o\ /o

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